• Broadcasting & Graphical Design

Broadcasting & Graphical Design

The Media Entertainment industry has revolutionized our lives. It is the quickest, cheapest and most popular means of communication. It has helped us conquer space and time. As a result of this, the world has become a global village. The nations have come closer and people become more united. By switching on our devices, we can now have access to any news, information or message transmitted from any part of the world.

How the information is transformed, optimized, transmitted and stored is not clear to most users. The challenge of bringing the raw material to a final product that the consumer can enjoy requires the research and utilization of new innovative workflow and technology that can cut cost and time to market.

At PCICase we understand the need of the Broadcast market and we can use our core competency to help smooth out the constant migration and update in data flow and use of new technologies.

As hardware expert we can help minimize the cost of constant migration to new system thanks to many of the features deployed in PCICase Platform and Storage solutions.

Technologies like MAX I/O™ can help consolidate the number of workstations needed to complete the media transformation and complete the workflow in fewer steps, dramatically reducing the need of multiple systems and time consuming media transfers.

PCICase offers a complete product line that not only include Server and Workstation but also Storage ready to handle digital media editing needs to offline archiving and any storage capacity requirement.


    2U Short Chassis with Swappable Front or Rear IO Access-800Wx2 Red't platinum PSU


    2U Short Chassis with Swappable Front or Rear IO Access-800Wx2 Red't platinum PSU with Rails included

  • IPC-C2AT-R8-EOB-12G

    2U 12G Storage Chassis 24 x 2.5 Hot-Swap + 2 x 2.5" Internal and an 800W Redundant PSU

  • IPC-C2ET-R8-EOB-12G-3PCI

    2U 12G Storage Chassis 12 x 3.5" Tool-Less Hot-Swap + 2 x 2.5" Internal and an 800W Redundant PSU

  • IPC-C3ET-R8-EOB-12G

    3U 12G Storage Chassis 16 x 3.5" Hot-Swap + 2 x 2.5" Internal with an 800W Redundant PSU

  • IPC-C4ET-R12-EOB-12G

    4U 12G Enterprise Storage Server Chassis 24 x 3.5" + 2 x 2.5" Internal with 1200W Redundant PSU (Rails Included) * Expander On Board

  • SB203-LX

    2U Dual GPU Server/Workstation with 8 x 3.5” Hot-Swap

  • SB401-VG

    4U 12G 24 x 3.5" Barebone Storage Chassis with AIC Virgo Motherboard

  • SB402-VG

    Purley 4U 12G 36x 3.5” SAS/SATA High-Density Storage Server, supports dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

  • IPC-S4078-R1600-2E-HS-12G

    4U 12G 78 Bay JBOD 78 x 3.5" Hot-Swap Drive Trays (Top Loading) with Dual Hot-Swap Expanders and BMC's & 1600W redundant PSU

  • IPC-C2MS-BAR800-12G-24

    2U 12G High Density Storage Chassis 24 x 3.5" Tool-less tray with an 800W Redundant PSU (Rails Included)