• Step 1: Consultation

    • Insight - Understanding of your product requirements and market
    • Creativity - Offering imaginitive and flourishing ideas
    • Production Schedule - Discuss delievery of prototype and full product details
    • Clarity - Ensuring we have concise understanding of your requirements
  • Step 2: Research & Design

    • Analysis - Quality assessment of the Consultation Report to maximise the integrityof the design.
    • Communicate - Update customer of the current design
    • Design - 3D drawing is produced
    • Deliever - Customer is sent a 3D CAD file for assesment
  • Step 3: Creation Of Prototype

    • Implement Quality Control Process
    • Production of prototype
    • Quality assesment of prototype
    • Deliver prototype to customer
  • Step 4: Production

    • Schedule - Review delievery requirements
    • Quality Management Implementation
    • Production - Goods are manufactured and produced to the highest level
    • Delivery - Goods are delivered in accordance to the agreed schedule

Having specialised in the OEM/ODM business for over 15 years, PCICase have a proven track record of working with businesses in many different industries, these expertise have given their customers the opportunity to create a cost effective premium product without large MOQ’s.

Should your business have a unique requirement that cannot be fulfilled by standard products, please complete the below web form and a PCICase representative will contact you shortly.

Customer Details
i.e. IPC, Broadcasting / Graphical Editing, Security, Telecoms, etc
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OEM Specification

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