2/3U 650W x 2 Industrial Redundant PSU 80+ Gold

PCICASE Model No: PIZ2065R-90
Manufacturer Model No: ZIPPY/R2G-5650G
Key Features
  • 80+ Gold PSU for energy efficency
  • 650 watt

This specification defines the performance characteristics of a grounded, AC input,650
watts, 5 output level power supply. This specification also defines world wide safety
requirements and manufactures process test requirements.
R2G-5650G2V power system is 1+1 Redundant power system consisting of
two GIN-2650G2 power modules and one R2G-5650G2V power system frame.

Input requirements
AC Input Voltage, Frequency and Current (Rating: 100V-240Vac, 47-63Hz, 10-5A)
Parameter           Minimum    Rated          Maximum   Max. Current
Voltage (115V)    90 Vac     100-127Vac     132 Vac     10A
Voltage (230V)   180 Vac    200-240Vac     264Vac      5A
Frequency           47 Hz      50 / 60 Hz        63 Hz
Table 1 - AC Input Voltage , Frequency and Current

AC Inrush Current
AC line inrush current shall not damage any component nor cause the AC line fuse to
blow under any DC conditions and with any specified AC line input voltage and
frequency. Repetitive On/Off cycling of the AC input voltage shall not damage the
power supply.
35/70 amps @115/230 VAC (at 25 degrees ambient cold start for each power unit)

Power factor correction / Current Harmonics
The power supply modules shall incorporate universal power input with active
power factor correction, which shall reduce the line harmonics in accordance with
the EN61000-3-2 CLASS "D" standards.
PFC:up to the target of 95% @115V& 90% @230V, full load.

The minimum power supply system efficiency shall be 89 ±2%, measured at nominal
input voltage 230 V and full loading.

1. Any difference either on the DC output cable (i.e., length, wire gauge)
or on the accurate of instruments will conclude different test result.
2. This test result doesn't include the fan power consumption.
The efficiency will be reduced 2%(maximum) if the fan power
consumption is included.

The power supply must be certified to the safety standard listed following:
6.1 Underwriters laboratory (UL).
The power supply designed to meet UL 60950.
6.2 Canadian standards association (CUL)
The power supply designed to meet CSA C22.2 No. 60950.
6.3 TUV
The power supply shall be designed to meet TUV EN-60950.
6.4 CCC Standards
The power supply shall be designed to meet GB9254-2008, GB4943.1-2011,
6.5 Power Line Transient.
The power supply shall be designed to meet the following standards
a.) EN 61000-4-2(ESD) Criterion B, ± 4KV by contact, ±8KV by air.
b.) EN 61000-4-4(EFT) Criterion B, ± 1KV.
c.) EN 61000-4-5(SURGE) Criterion B, Line-Line ± 1KV
Line-Earth ± 2KV.
6.6 RFI / EMI Standards
The power supply shall comply with the following radiated and conducted
Emissions standards,
a.) FCC part 15. class B.
b.) CISPR 22 (EN 55022). class B.

Weight & Dimension

Power Supply Datasheet  PIZ-2065R-90 Datasheet

 PIZ-2065R-90 Specification.pdf


Power Supply Technical Drawing PIZ-2065R-90 Drawing

 PIZ-2065R-90 Drawing.pdf


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