Universal 1U IO Shield For Server Storage Chassis

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Key Features

  • Provides a customised 1U I/O shield that is cut to meet the requirements of a Server Storage Cnassismotherboard.


Why Do I Need A 1U I/O Shield?

Detailed below is the comparison between a 1U I/O shield and a Standard Form Factor I/O shield.  Due to Standard Form Factor motherboards being higher than the height of a 1U chassis, it will obviously not fit in a 1U build.  Although this is a common problem throughout the industry, PCICase can offer you a solution.

PCICase recommend that if you are planning multiple builds with the same motherboard, the OEM I/O Shield Service (IPC-IO####) is an ideal solution for you, if however this is not the case or you are planning to use different motherboards, PCICase suggest purchasing the Universal 1U I/O Shield.  *This product is only compatible with PCICase 1U Chassis


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