1U 1010W OEM Fitted Redundant Module

PCICASE Model No: CDR-1021-1M1LF
Manufacturer Model No: CDR-1021-1M1LF
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Key Features

  • Support PMBus1.1
  • Internal ORing
  • N+1 Redundant
  • High Power Density 17 W/in3
  • Highest efficiency 89%
  • RoHS compliant for all six substances
  • Application for Telecom Server

Total Max Power:850W @ -36 to -42Vdc,
         1010W @ -43 to -76Vdc
Input Voltage:-36 V to -76 V
Dimension (D x W x H):346 x 76 x 40 mm

Hold-up time 89%+ @ 50% Load
MTBF 150,000 hours at 25 degree C

Temperature 0 to 50 degree C Operating
Altitude 10,000 feet Operating
Relative humidity 20% to 95% RH Operating

Input voltage -36 V to -76 V
Input current 30.0 - 17.0 A

Voltage Regulation Max Load Ripple & Noise
+12V ± 5% 70A (-36 to -42Vdc) 
83A ( -43 to -76Vdc) 120mV
+5Vsb ± 5% 4A 50mV

1. The total output power can not exceed 1010W continuously for -43 to -76Vdc input
2. The total output power can not exceed 850W continuously for -36 to -42Vdc input
3. During load changes from minimum to maximum or maximum to minimum the unit must not shut down
4.Please call for PDB(Power Distribution BOard)model & price for your application,refer to attached Building Block Instruction

Power Supply Datasheet   Datasheet

CDR-1021-1M1LF Datasheet.pdf


Power Supply Technical Drawing  Drawing

 CDR-1021-1M1LF Drawing.pdf


CompuWare Building Blocks           Building Block Application

 Compuware Building Block Application.pdf


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