• GPU Workstations/Servers

GPU Workstations / Servers

The GPU market has become the new high performance platform for businesses and organisations across the world,  that demand high volumes of complex algorithms to be processed.  Utilising the power behind some of the leading GPU’s on the market, 1 GPU can deliver the processing power of 100 CPU’s, offering untouchable performance in comparison to even the most powerful servers of today. 

Typically GPU Worksation’s are used in AI And Deep Learning, High Performance Computing, Gaming Development and GPU Cloud Computing, all of which our range has been designed to accomodate.


    2U Short Chassis with Swappable Front or Rear IO Access-800Wx2 Red't platinum PSU with Rails included

  • CB121-PH
    1U 1 x Dual Slot GPU Server Workstation
  • CB201E-Z1
    2U 12G 2 x 2.5" + 1 x M.2 Barebone Chassis Compatible with 4 x Dual Slot GPU Cards
  • SB203-LX
    2U Dual GPU Server/Workstation with 8 x 3.5” Hot-Swap
  • IPC-C4FB-H
    4U Rugged Long Chassis 10 x 5.25" External.
  • CB401-LX
    4U 10x Dual Slot GPU Barebones Workstation
  • CB501-AR
    6U 4 x Dual PCI Slot Portable GPU Server System