AIC Tolimon Server Board that supports Dual Intel Xeon Processors E5-2600/E5-2600 v2.

Manufacturer Model No: PSG-M-TODPPATS-110
Key Features
  • Supports two Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600/E5-2600 v2 Product Family for next generation of highest server performance and improved power efficiency Embedded components for 5+ year long life
  • Max I/O™ technology to support optimal number of PCI devices utilizing 64 lanes of PCIe Gen3
  • Onboard Baseboard Management Controller for system management and IPMI control
  • Two 10 GbE ports with SFP+ cage/connector & 2 GbE ports
  • Rackmount Technology Extension (RTX) form factor utilizes full internal chassis volume for optimum I/O configurations
Features And Benefits

The Tolimon series server board offers compelling performance and improved power efficiency, which is optimized for efficient performance platforms (storage, security and communications infrastructure).
By implementing the next-generation 32nm/22nm Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 series, fully integrated microarchitecture with AIC-patented MAX I/O™ technology and QuickPath extension (QPX), Tolimon series server board delivers unmatched performance, providing 2S and 4S support with four channels of DDR3 1600 /1866 (E5-2600V2) per socket; and unparalleled capability to further maximize all available I/O bandwidth, pushing the boundaries of Gen3 PCI Express.
Featured with ground breaking technologies like Intel® QuickPath Architecture, Turbo Boost 2.0, Intel® QuickPath Interconnect and DDR3 memory technology, the Tolimon series server board enables next generation server solutions with an incredible leap in performance.

Motherboard Dimensions
mm : 424.2 x 157.5
inches : 16.7 x 6.2

Processor Support
Two Intel® Xeon® Processors E5-2600/E5-2600 v2 Product Family

QPI Speeds

8GT/s, 7.2GT/s, 6.4GT/s

Socket Type

Socket R (FCLGA2011)

System Chipset
Intel® C600 series chipset

System Memory
4 memory channels per CPU socket, 2 channels with 2DPC + 2 channels with 1DPC
• 12 DIMM slots support:
- DDR3 1866/1600/1333/1066/800 RDIMM
- DDR3 1866/1600/1333/1066 UDIMM/LRDIMM
- Up to 96GB UDIMM
- Up to 384GB RDIMM
- Up to 768GB LRDIMM

Expansion Slots

4 x PCIe x16 Gold-finger connectors provide 64 user define-able lanes of PCIe Gen3

System BIOS
BIOS Type :
• SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) FLASH Interface
BIOS Features :
• ACPI1.0/2.0/3.0
• PXE 2.0
• AC loss recovery
• IPMI KCS interface
• SMBIOS 2.0
• Serial console redirection

On-board Devices
SAS : Built-in SAS controller on Intel® C600 Series Chipset
SATA : Built-in SATA controller with RAID support on Intel® C600 Series Chipset
BMC : Aspeed AST2150 Advanced PCIe Graphics & Remote Management Processor
• Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
- IPMI 2.0 spec
- iKVM, Media redirection, SMASH support
- KCS (Keyboard Controller Style), IOL (IPMI Over LAN), SOL (Serial Over LAN) interface
- Temp, voltage and fan speed monitoring
- Smart fan speed control
- System identity, fan fail alarm, system status alarm LED
- Remote power ON/OFF/RESET
- RMCP+, SNMP, DHCP in IOL support
- AES-128 encryption in RMCP+

Network Controller

• Intel® 82599 10 GbE Controller, dual port, PCIe v2.0
• Intel® 82574L GbE Controller, single port, PCIe v2.1 (shared with BMC)
• Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet PHY, single port, 1Gbps

Aspeed AST2150 Advanced PCIe Graphics & Remote Management Processor
• 2D Video Graphic Adapter w/ PCIe bus interface
• 1600x1200@60Hz 16bpp

2 x Mini SAS connectors (by C606 PCH)
(4 SAS ports per Mini SAS)
Serial ATA :
• 4 x SATA2 ports
• 2 x SATA 3 ports
• 2 x external SFP+ ports
• 2 x external RJ45 ports
• 2 x external USB ports
• 2 x USB internal pin-headers to support 4 x USB 2.0
• 1 x external VGA port
• 1 x internal VGA pin-header
Serial Port :
• 1 x external DB-9 serial port
• 1 x internal DB-9 serial pin-header
Others :
• Debug display pin-header
• GPIO port

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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